How to Travel Healthy – Avoid constipation, Getting sick (and hungover), and Gaining Weight

Going on a trip and want to travel healthy? In this video, filmed on the fly with messy hair and slightly smudged makeup, I’d just came back from Akumal, Mexico and wanted to share exactly what I do to travel healthy and have a lot of fun. Nothing worse than feeling constipated, getting sick and feeling like you’ve gained weight! 

Here are the highlights you’ll learn:

  • What foods I take on the plane.
  • 3 things I do to stay lean and have all-day energy.
  • Simple supplements I take to keep my bowels regular that also help to ward off sickness.
  • How to make a quick breakfast cereal that tastes great and keeps you lean.
  • What I do to avoid blood sugar swings that make you gain weight.
  • How I avoid a hangover (works every time).
  • Tips for best sleep while traveling.

Find it all here in this 9-minute video. 

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