Still struggling with 20+ lbs? Take the Leptin Resistance Quiz

Leptin Resistance Quiz

Do you feel even the mere thought of food makes you gain weight?

Maybe you’ve seen some success on the scale.

However, to your dismay, it quickly came back again.

You are not alone.

Many others are suffering just like you.

You may be suffering from Leptin Resistance.

Take the Leptin Resistance Quiz

Meet Leptin.

Many obesity researchers are increasingly looking at it to uncover the actual mechanism behind weight loss resistance. 

Being resistant to leptin’s signaling is now believed to the main driver of being overweight (or underweight). 

Leptin is a hormone produced from your white fat cells.

Leptin’s primary role is to regulate energy metabolism. In other words, how much food you need, for day to day activity.

When the body needs energy, leptin signals to the brain to eat.

When the body senses it’s had enough, you feel satisfied and stop eating. You go on with your day and start burning calories.

This system is known as a negative feedback loop, similar to other control mechanisms such as breathing and blood pressure regulation. 

From an evolutionary perspective, the ‘leptin system’ kept us from starving or overeating. It kept us alive and able to reproduce.

If you’re 20+ lbs overweight, this is a sure sign you are Leptin Resistant

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Leptin Resistance Quiz



Bottom line: Leptin regulates how many calories you eat and burn and

how much fat you carry on your body.

Being Leptin Resistant spells disaster for anyone looking to lose body fat – particularly belly fat.







When you are leptin resistant, you are always hungry, have insatiable cravings and need to eat all the time. You are tired during the day and wired at night. You feel stressed all the time and don’t feel yourself. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 or hypothyroid. You are Leptin Resistant.

Leptin resistance precedes insulin resistance and disrupts the thyroid from functioning properly.


If you want any hopes of dropping body fat and keeping it off in a sustainable manner, then fixing leptin is your #1 priority.

Focusing on just diet and exercise will likely not get you long-standing results, either.

Science reveals you’ve got to go deeper than that. You’ve got to fix what’s driving leptin resistance to finally unlock your ability to burn fat and get slim, strong and sexy.

Great news is you can finally break past your weight loss stuggle. Learn how.


Leptin Resistance Quiz