Suspect Parasites? How to identify and eliminate them


How to Identify and Eliminate Unwanted Parasites

What are parasites?

How do you get parasites?

Can you identify and them easily?

Are there natural solutions to eliminate parasites?

Parasites – what are they?

A parasite is a microscopic organism that derives nourishment from its host (you), without benefiting or killing the host.
Intestinal parasites can lead to issues such as insomnia (parasites are more active at night), frequent diarrhea or alternating diarrhea and constipation. Parasites are also associated with skin problems such as rashes or itches.

How do you get parasites?

Parasites can be contacted from visiting foreign countries, after a bout of food poisoning (this happened to me), polluted water, contact with animals (common among children), and insect bites.

How do you identify parasites?

One major problem for all health practitioners, is getting a clear diagnosis. Here are some of the testing methods and their shortcomings:

  • A blood test showing elevated eosinophils could point to large, intestinal- based worms such as tapeworms, but it could also be food allergies.
  • A stool test is great if it catches a worm, but what if there are no worms, segments, or eggs in that particular specimen? There are many false negatives.
  • Kinesiology (muscle testing) claims to diagnose parasites, but its accuracy is often challenged by people who test “negative” and then a short while later pass a worm in their urine.
  • If you confirm giardia via a stool test, is it only in the bowel, or has it invaded the body? Is a fluke in the stool indicative of others in the liver?

Generally it is understood that these tests are only partially accurate. Many practitioners simply recommend that clients do a parasite program “just in case.” Others never recommend one because they don’t know for sure.

Here is a questionnaire to help you determine if large, bowel-based parasites are a problem. http://fitnhealthynutrition.com/parasite-questionnaire/

Regarding this questionnaire, there are multiple causes to many of the questions, not just parasites. Parasite symptoms must be viewed as a syndrome. The more points scored the more likely a parasite is involved.

If you score high on this questionnaire, you’ll probably want to pursue other evaluative methods to attempt to confirm the parasites such as a stool analysis, or initiate a parasite program.

Is there a natural solution to eliminate parasites?

Yes. In my clinical practice, natural solutions to eliminating unwanted parasites includes these 4 Steps:

Step 1 – Identify the Source (where the parasite was ‘picked up’). Great for prevention (i.e. future foreign travel precautions, food safety, etc).

Step 2 – Use plant based medicine to safely eradicate the parasites. Safe, no side effects, and very effective.

Step 3 – Support your primary organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, and gut) to clear the body of the aftereffects from the cleanse.

Step 4 – Clean, heal, and seal the gut. Keeps the immune system in shape to avoid future infections.

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