Working out and eating well but STILL can’t lose those extra pounds? I may have solved your weight loss problem. When clients come to be to lose weight even though they’ve tried EVERYTHING, ……they likely fall into one of these 6 traps (metabolic imbalances).  6 Metabolic Imbalances that may be stalling your weight loss […]

Tips For Optimal Digestion

Below are my tips to create optimal conditions for digestion. They are the ones that will allow one’s natural processes of digestion, absorption, elimination and intestinal immunity to work as efficiently as possible. Stop belly bloat and embarrassing gas.  Optimal digestion helps with better all-day energy and easy weight loss too! Healthy digestion is the […]

START HERE – The Fit n Healthy Reset

“You’re only going to be as Fit n Healthy as you ask your body to be” – Michale Hartte Author, writer, speaker, practitioner, and coach with the ninja moves  You’re here because you know its time to get healthy. Something inside is urging you to start cleaning up your diet and lifestyle. You may even […]

Find out how Winsome lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks after she almost lost hope.

Find out how Winsome lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks after she almost lost hope. Here Winsome’s story about how she almost lost hope to get healthy and lose weight until she saw my wellness talk on Leptin Resistance. Check out her ‘gut-wrenching’ story about how she felt before starting her Fit n Healthy plan […]

7 Ways to Get Healthy and Happier This Year

In this video, I’m going to share how you’re going to set up these NEXT 30 DAYS to WIN back your health and get happier this year. Let me start by asking…… Are you still STRUGGLING to get healthy but keep falling off track? Confused with what diet and exercise plan to follow? Overwhelmed and […]