The NO BS Guide to Fat Loss Supplements

    Hey, I just released this video on!), The Ultimate NO BS Fat Burning Supplement Guide “Get an unfair advantage with fat burning supplements that actually work without all the fake-stuff, fillers and hormone disrupting nasties!” Learn the secret to slim that goes beyond a healthy diet and exercise plan….. • Find out the […]


  Working out and eating well but STILL can’t lose those extra pounds? I may have solved your weight loss problem. When clients come to be to lose weight even though they’ve tried EVERYTHING, ……they likely fall into one of these 6 traps (metabolic imbalances).  6 Metabolic Imbalances that may be stalling your weight loss […]

Healthy Snacks That Help You Lose Weight (get lean and stay that way)

I am about to share some quick to make, nutrient-dense healthy snacks that help you lose weight, get lean and stay that way. They’re also super smart to have on hand for grab and go. Whether you need something fast to take on your next spontaneous hike or have only 30 minutes between meetings, you’ll […]

Find out how Winsome lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks after she almost lost hope.

Find out how Winsome lost 23 lbs in 7 weeks after she almost lost hope. Here Winsome’s story about how she almost lost hope to get healthy and lose weight until she saw my wellness talk on Leptin Resistance. Check out her ‘gut-wrenching’ story about how she felt before starting her Fit n Healthy plan […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Results With Your ‘Healthy’ Diet

Thousands of people are getting results on a higher fat, low carb, moderate protein style diet. They’re dropping excess weight, thinking better, and having new found energy. But what about those of you who are NOT getting results? You’re following a ‘healthy diet’, full of colorful vegetables, lots of good fats and enough protein to meet […]