3 Natural Ways to Avoid the Cold and Flu

The cold and flu season is upon us.

You and I both know there is nothing worse than getting a cold or coming down with the flu.

A cold makes us tired, moody, achy, with an overall feeling of – yuk! 

Did you know the average adult has 2 to 3 colds per year?

Children have, on average 5-8 colds per year.

The common cold lasts 7 to 10 days. With 3 colds a year each lasting 10 days, that is an entire month of feeling horrible! Children even longer with working parents then needing to stay home and take care of them.

However, I know you are reading this quick blog because you’re proactive with your health.

It makes perfect sense then, to avoid the cold and flu, doesn’t it?

Let’s start this fall season by focusing on our immune system.

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Here are 3 Simple Ways to Avoid the Cold and Flu and stay healthy all season long, 

#1 Wash your hands – do it THIS way and at the RIGHT time

This strategy sounds so basic but it really does works to reduce both the risk of catching and spreading the virus. Since research shows that the cold virus can last up to 30 minutes on unwashed hands, this simple lifestyle habit can really help you stay well over the cold months ahead.


Do it THIS way – 3 Steps

Here is the most effective way to wash your hands and avoid the cold and flu.

Step 1 – Use warm soapy water and wash your hands to a count of 15. 

Step 2 – Make sure you wash under the fingernails, between your fingers, and back of hands.

Step 3 – Rince hands well and dry completely.

At the RIGHT time

  • Before and after you make and serve food.
  • After you use the bathroom.
  • After you blow your nose or cough into your hands.

Let’s all remind our children of the importance of washing hands as well as they tend to forget:)

#2 Remember to get outside

Colds are more frequent during the months when people live inside.

Yes, I understand, it’s a cold temperature out there. However, I encourage you all to get used to it and get outside regardless. When dressed appropriately, you know you always feel better being outside, right?

Moreover, getting regular outside exposure helps your immune system to avoid the cold and flu in 3 major ways:

  1. Mounts an immune response by interacting with vitamin D receptors on T cells (lymphocytes). This translates into higher vitamin D levels. 
  2. Regulates genes that make us cathelicidin, an anti-microbial protein that protects against virus invasion. Outside exposure has been described by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. as a way to ‘clean your blood’. 
  3. Helps lower inflammation by triggering a healthy T regulatory response regulated by your circadian rhythm.


Amplify a healthy immune response by eating more green leafy vegetables full of chlorophyll and drink enough water. The interaction between chlorophyll, sunlight, and water really helps optimize the entire body to be more robust, vibrant, and healthy.




#3 Take a proper probiotic (that’s proven to work)

Emerging evidence supports the use of a properly formulated probiotic to reduce both the occurrence and duration of colds and flu.

A recent meta-analysis with 20 trials concluded that ‘probiotics reduced the duration of infection by an average of 30%’

(King et al 2014) 

HMF Intensive Probiotic Facts and how to order

The ProChild Study showed conclusively that probiotics in combination with vitamin C significantly reduced the incidence and duration of both coughs and colds and absenteeism from school.

The probiotics used in this study were the HMF probiotics under the brand, Genestra (which is all I use in my clinical practice, for myself and family members with confidence).

See the studies below (Lab 4 is under the brand Genestra). 

Fig 1: Total number of days with cough and cold symptoms
Fig 2: Reduction in incidence of symptoms of coughs and colds
  • Significant reduction in the use of cough and cold medicine in the group taking the Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C (Fig 3, *P<0.05).
  • 24.1% of children in the placebo group received oral antibiotics compared to only 14.3%  of children taking the Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C (Fig 4).
Fig 3: Total number of days of medication usage
Fig 4: Number of children with at least one day of oral antibiotic use
  • 30% significant reduction in the incidence of absenteeism from school in children taking the Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C (P=0.007). The number of days with absence due to coughs and colds alone were virtually halved in children taking the Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C (Fig 5, 14.2 days in placebo vs 7.5 days in the Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C group).
  • The number of visits to the GP for any reason was reduced by 43% with the use of Lab4 probiotics and Vitamin C (Fig 6).
Fig 5: Total number of days absent from preschool facilities
Fig 6: Total number of physician visits

The full study can be found here The ProChild Study

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HMF Intensive Probiotic Facts and how to order







HMF Child Probiotic Facts and how to order

For a full comparison chart of all the HMF Probiotics go here

HMF Probiotic Comparison Chart

Final Thoughts

Your body has an amazing ability to fight off infections, and avoid the cold and flu, but often times we get in it’s way. Poor food choices, indoor living, lack of movements all contribute to poor health. 

Let’s all make it a focus this season to wash our hands, get outside and take our probiotics! 

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