Working out and eating well but STILL can’t lose those extra pounds? I may have solved your weight loss problem. When clients come to be to lose weight even though they’ve tried EVERYTHING, ……they likely fall into one of these 6 traps (metabolic imbalances).  6 Metabolic Imbalances that may be stalling your weight loss […]

3 Steps to Boost Energy, Burn Fat, and Be Unstoppable!

Got 20+ lbs still to lose?  Want an easy way to burn fat? Then check out my top 3 steps to boost energy, burn ( belly) fat) and be unstoppable 💫 Quick summary (more details in my 2 min quick video tutorial) Step 1 – Drink 1 litre of water BEFORE breakfast. Step 2 – […]

Best Nutritional Practices for Best Exercise Outcomes

Come to my next talk on Exercise Nutrition! “Best Nutritional Practices for Best Exercise Outcomes” By Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH The Role of Macronutrients and Micronutrients in Exercise Nutrition At the end of this talk, you will learn 4 things: How to eat to build muscle, burn fat, and improve energy for optimal […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Falling off the Fit and Healthy Track (and how to get back on)

If you’re someone who’s Falling off the Fit and Healthy Track and still struggling to get back on ……then this blog post is written just for you:) You are not alone. Many people struggle to find the motivation they need to achieve the goals they’ve set out. It does beg the question, though….. Why aren’t more people working out? […]

Stop dieting and start eating – Top 5 tips to drop 15+ pounds

Let’s get real here. We need to stop dieting. A super restrictive diet is not only boring, it’s frankly useless and unnecessary! Why? Cutting out foods and food groups that are actually GOOD for you is not only unsustainable, it can also lead to a devastating disruption to your gut microbiome. The microbiome and it’s […]