Working out and eating well but STILL can’t lose those extra pounds? I may have solved your weight loss problem. When clients come to be to lose weight even though they’ve tried EVERYTHING, ……they likely fall into one of these 6 traps (metabolic imbalances).  6 Metabolic Imbalances that may be stalling your weight loss […]

Calmer and happier boy in just one day with gut detox

Got cranky, angry, over emotional children? It may not be their fault. Its the bugs. Time for a gut detox. Bugs? What bugs? Detox for children? Yes, bugs and gut detox. This is exactly what I said to one of my latest clients. This Mom was concerned about her 6 yr old son who was […]

From Sick And Tired To Kickboxing Champ And Feeling Fabulous

My First Six Weeks On Michale’s Program I first decided to seek help with my diet due to difficulty sleeping, digestion, problems, asthma, dehydration, a hormone imbalance, difficulty in achieving sufficient muscle tone and a general lack of energy. I realized that all these problems were affecting my everyday routine, however, was unsure as to […]

I Lost 15 lbs In Only 4 Weeks – Sinusitis And Candida Gone !!!

I Lost 15 lbs in the first 4 weeks! I can breathe again and smell for the first time in years!!! I was fed up with being sick. I had been to many other health professionals and had minor changes happen, but something was missing – until Michale Hartte came along. She pulled it all […]

Uncontrolled Sugar Cravings?

Candida may be the culprit If you are among others who have tried to eliminate sugars from your diet and STILL find yourself reaching for the sweets… it may not be due to your lack of willpower. Candida may be your culprit. Candidiasis refers to the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus, Candida albicans, that exists in our […]