The NO BS Guide to Fat Loss Supplements

    Hey, I just released this video on!), The Ultimate NO BS Fat Burning Supplement Guide “Get an unfair advantage with fat burning supplements that actually work without all the fake-stuff, fillers and hormone disrupting nasties!” Learn the secret to slim that goes beyond a healthy diet and exercise plan….. • Find out the […]

3 Natural Ways to Avoid the Cold and Flu

The cold and flu season is upon us. You and I both know there is nothing worse than getting a cold or coming down with the flu. A cold makes us tired, moody, achy, with an overall feeling of – yuk!  Did you know the average adult has 2 to 3 colds per year? Children […]

4 Steps to Creating a Healthy Kids School Lunch (or yours)

Packing a healthy lunch can be a daunting task, especially if you have picky eaters. Let’s face it. Deciding what to eat for lunch can be a constant battle – You (adult) vs. them (child) You – want them to be healthy. Them – they just want what tastes good. So how can you feed […]

How to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy

Want the secret on How to Eat to Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy? Welcome to the Slim, Strong, and Sexy Diet! If you’re like me, being slim, strong and sexy has always been important. Especially with spring fast approaching. The shorts, the sun, the upcoming beach season- and of course… getting ready for my bikini. […]

Heal inflammation and drop your belly fat! Here’s how…..

Heal inflammation and drop your belly fat. In my last blog post, Inflammation – the key driver to unsightly belly fat I cleared up the #1 fat loss myth…. Excess belly fat IS NOT a condition of excess calories. Fit and healthy bodies know exactly what to do with these calories. It’s efficient and systematic. The […]