Best Tasting Muffins (slimming and healthy)

Looking for a guilt-free snack? Do you love muffins? Want a recipe that keeps your tastebuds happy, waistline slim, and you healthy and well with zero guilt? Then you will fall in LOVE with my Best Tasting Muffins that keep you slim and healthy! Great for the whole family too. They make a great quick […]

3 Ingredient Smoothie

I’ve been super pressed for time and discovered a new way to make smoothies that’s fast, portable, and absolutely DELICIOUS! Try my 3 Ingredient Smoothie for yourself and see how easy it can be to eat healthy on the go! Best part is that it only takes maximum 2 minutes to make! The 3 ingredients […]

3 Ingredient Keto Smoothie

I’ve been absolutely amazed at the flavor this 3 Ingredient Keto Smoothie packs, that I just needed to share! Best part is that it only takes maximum 10 minutes to make! The 3 ingredients are coconut milk (full fat of course) frozen blueberries (wild or organic) Vanilla protein powder (Pro whey isolate, Pure Lean Ultra […]


Transform your morning breakfast to a hormone balancing smoothie. You’re likely no stranger to the health benefits of balancing your hormones. Most think of this as having normal periods, better mood, and easier weight loss. While this is true, balancing your hormones has far health reaching affects like blood sugar balance, restorative sleep, and building sexy […]


In my last post ‘Get Natural Sunlight: Burn Fat, Balance Hormones, and Recharge Energy  I went into some detail about the evidence that we, as humans can extract energy directly from sunlight. It turns out, food is not our only source of energy. Sunlight is also a source of energy for us. In fact some […]