Fit, Healthy, and Well Easy Meal Plan

Welcome to the Fit, Healthy, and Well Easy Meal Plan!

Fit, Healthy, and Wellness Goal – maintain a healthy weight or drop a few pounds + extra fuel for exercise and optimal wellness.

** Please note –  individual variance does play a part here. If you do not have a Health and Wellness Nutrition Plan in place, book your FREE call here to learn how to get started. Michale’s Calendar

*** New to the Fit n Healthy way of eating? Here’s a quick refresher.

Begin by lowering carbohydrates, increasing protein, while allowing for a small amount of healthy  fat per meal, always paying attention and reading our own bodies along the way.

Meal Plan Focus – Burning fat as fuel, having steady daily energy, and allowing for restorative sleep at night.

START HERE – Begin breakfast after your 14-16 hr fast

BREAKFAST – Choose from one of the following options.

Eat when hungry. Stop when 80% full.

The Perfect Protein Bar

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

3 Ingredient Smoothie


Your choice of protein (chicken, wild salmon, sausage, eggs) on top of The Ultimate Salad


Easy Roast Chicken+ Oven Baked Mixed Veggies

Wicked Thai Coconut Soup

Easy BBQ Salmon Recipe

STOP EATING 2 – 4 hrs before bedtime. 

Being healthy doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming. Try these easy meal plan ideas and let me know how it goes.

Keeping Fit n Healthy Simple

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